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ESF in NRW. Unemployment advice in Mönchengladbach

Foto: Arbeitslosenzentrum Mönchengladbach e.V.

One-stop shop – Unemployed Resource Centre and advice/counselling in Mönchengladbach

The Unemployed Resource Centre and the advice/counselling facility in Mönchengladbach are co-located and run by Arbeitslosenzentrum Mönchengladbach e.V. betrieben.  This Lower Rhine city has a high rate of long-term unemployment.

Losing your job is more than just the loss of income.  You also lose the structure of your day to day routine.  Given that our society has more and more one-person households, those facing long-term unemployment are also confronted with enormous mental and social issues.  Karl Sasserath heads the Mönchengladbach Resource Centre and is familiar with the wide range of problems experienced by the region’s jobless.

The Resource Centre and unemployment advice facility are much in demand.  Each day, the centre is visited by more than fifty clients.  The advice centre has over 1000 clients every year.  Jobless and welfare counselling services are also very popular.  The team provides both one-on-one and group counselling.

The long-term unemployed are in need of support and advice.  That is why the NRW Ministry for Work provides financial assistance under state and ESF programmes to independent unemployment counselling and resource centres.  An on-line tool can be used to locate North Rhine-Westphalia’s 73 unemployment counselling facilities and 78 resource centres.