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ESF in NRW. Multi-enterprise training as chemical laboratory technician

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The multi-employer approach enables small eneterprises, too, to provide high-end training and pursue an effective retention strategy.

The water engineering company, Weidner Wassertechnik uses multi-enterprise training to ensure a steady flow of new talent.  In a joint effort with the chemical Rütgers Group, a young women is trained as a chemical lab assistant.  The small company, which is based in the Emscher-Lippe region, uses the ESF-funded scheme to provide training in high-end engineering trades on a regular basis.

The company employs 38 and is a provider of services around cutting-edge water technologies, cartering to the industry and building services sectors.  The water testing laboratory is a key component.  This is where, for the first time, a young woman, is undergoing trsining to become a chemical lab technician.  Rütgers Germany GmbH, out of Castrop-Rauxel, is the partner in the muti-enterprise training network.

The Herten-based company uses the programme actively and regularly runs training schemes – currently for the sixth time ans always with good results. Managing director Andreas Weidner: ‘The multi-employer approach enables small companies to provide training in high-end trades, which makes it easier for us to meet our labour demands.  And that is rather nice, if you ask me.’

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry for Work uses the European Social Fund to assist businesses in providing training under the multi-employer scheme.  Small and medium companies, which would not be allowed to train apprentices outside such a scheme, receive up to 4500 euros towards the remuneration for each apprentice.