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Action programme, ‘100 extra apprenticeships’ as a pathway to a secure future – Training as recycling worker.

‘100 extra apprenticeships for teenagers and young adults with disabilities ’ has given Thomas F. a second chance.  At Berufsförderungswerk Hamm, he successfully trained to become a recycling worker.

Unlike many other cases, the transition of Thomas S. is a success story.  An illness forced the young man to abandon his horticulture and gardener’s apprenticeship and refocus his career choice.  The ‘100 extra apprenticeships’ initiative provided him with a second chance, and he attended Berufsförderungswerk Hamm to train as a recycling worker, making good progress.  Dortmund Chamber of Commerce gave him an award as the best of his class in the Chamber’s area of responsibility.  His host employer, too, Reiling Kunststoff-Recycling GmbH at Uentrop, Hamm, were impressed and decided to hire the youngster immediately after completion of the apprenticeship.  According to his supervisor, he has lots of potential and is on track for a promotion:  ‘His future with us is secure’.

The staff at Berufsförderungswerk Hamm say that ‘close mentoring and the good cooperation with employers are crucial to the success of the programme’.   This made for high training-to-work transition rates.

The initiative, ‘100 extra apprenticeships for teenagers and young adults with disabilities’ is run by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry for Work in a joint effort with the Federal Employment Service’s NRW regional head office, with funding coming from the state government and the ESF as well.  The programme helps with the training of young people with disabilities and has proved to be an outstanding tool of inclusion.




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