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ESF in NRW. Qualified personnel for Industry 4.0 – Teaching Factory, ‘ BANG‘

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The digital future needs qualifications. State-of-the-art ‘teaching factory’ in upskilling campaign for ‘Industry 4.0’

The ‘BANG Teaching Factory for Industrial Computer Science’ prepares trainees, trainers and skilled workers for what is going on in and around ‘Industrie 4.0’.  Opened in 2017, this institution is maintained by a vocational education network called Berufliches AusbildungsNetzwerk im Gewerbebereich, with the acronym, BANG.  The teaching factory enables small and medium enterprises to provide employees and trainees with high-grade digital and networking skills.

The Teaching Factory takes the services of another BANG-supported training and education centre, based in Eastern Westphalia, a step further.  The curriculum of this inter-employer traing institution was developed with the assistance of the European Social Fund and is designed to promote STEM subjects.

The Teaching Factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and can be regarded as a flagship project of the North Rhine-Westphalia Government’s employment policy.  State-of-the-art equipment and technology is combined with dovetailed qualification modules and innovative teaching strategies.  Briefing sessions for employers ensure that clients can be smoothly transferred to regional labour markets.

The Teaching Factory is backed by a complex network of stakeholders, mainly regional SME employers, whose employees receive training there as well.  Those involved also include the big players from the business and labour, such as the chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, jobcentres and universities.
The project is financed from state and ESF funds under the Skilled Personnel Scheme run by the NRW Government to help recruit and retain skilled workers.