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ESF in NRW. Training alliance – Regional pilot scheme

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Training alliance – Suited to the needs of highly specialised businesses

Kramer Edelstahlverarbeitung are employing a young man as an apprentice machinist.  This is the third time the company works with the Steinmüller Bildungszentrum education facility.  It is a form of training alliance that is very popular in the Gummersbach District and aims to ensure the continuous flow of new labour.

Two partners, one alliance – a perfect win/win arrangement:  Kramer Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH specialises in the processing of stainless steel and other high-grade products.  The training alliance provided Kramer with the right incentive to run apprenticeship programmes – for the third time now – to reinforce the company’s workforce.

The company’s alliance partner is Steinmüller Bildungszentrum gGmbH, a training provider based in Gummersbach.  With its cutting-edge training workshop for metalworkers and electricians, the centre is able to provide, across the industry, comprehensive basic training and exam preparation programmes.  In the training alliance, the centre – stakeholders include both the District and City of Gummersbach - works with some fifty regional businesses.
It is a win-win arrangement for everyone involved, companies, trainees and local authorities which are supplied with a tool to tackle the shortage of skilled labour.

The NRW Ministry for Work provides ESF funding to businesses wishing to use the training alliance.  Small and medium enterprises which without the alliance would be unable to run apprenticeships, can receive a one-off top-up contribution of 4500 euros per training place.