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Foto: Eine Frau und ein Mann bei den Schreinereiarbeiten

Tradie firm gives single mum a go

Krefeld-based joiners, Eberhard Schmitz GmbH, takes part in part-time training scheme and offers apprenticeship to a young solo mother.  Turns out, this is a win/win for both sides.  The programme is backed by a network active throughout the Central Lower Rhine region.

The ‘TEP’ scheme helps young parents find work and supports employers in their effort to implement this type of training programme, which is family-friendly but not that well known.

In Krefeld, joiners Eberhard Schmitz GmbH were sold on the scheme and are now giving apprenticeship training to a young mum.  It is their first ever part- time apprenticeship and only the third involving a female trainee.  The programme benefits both sides:  the ESF-funded TEP programme helps out-of-work young mothers combine family and work whilst training for a trade. Employers gain highly motivated apprentices also in ‘typically male’ jobs such as the skilled trades.
In the Central Lower Rhine region, a network has sprung up to support part-time vocational training.  According to the project’s coordinator, the network is very active and promotes the scheme amongst employers with considerable success.

Young parents frequently struggle to get the desired vocational training.  With a view to smoothing the way for them to transition to part-time training, the State Government launched the TEP programme, using money from the European Social Fund.