Mit Menschen für Menschen.

ESF in NRW. Trainee/apprentice with disability – car mechatronics technician

Foto: Ein Mann steht vor dem Computer in der Werkstatt

Young people with disabilities. Action programme, ‘100 extra apprenticeships’ as a pathway to successful career entry

A young Asperger sufferer successfully has completed his training and managed to begin a career.  Berufsförderungswerk Düren mentored his on-the-job training as car mechatronics technician, with support provided under the ESF-funded action programme, ‘100 extra apprenticeships’.

The State Government programme provides assistance to training schemes for people with disabilities.  The partners closely working with each other include the host employer, the Berufskolleg (which is both a school and a vocational education centre) and an institution tasked to run vocational training, such as Berufsförderungswerk Düren. The institutions assist with young people’s career choices, conclude training contracts and provide ‘training coaches’.  They coordinate the training programme at the various sites and run one-on-one tuition courses. The training proper is taking part at the partner employer’s location under regular labour market conditions.

Raphael B has benefitted from the collaboration of all stakeholders. He passed the Chamber of Commerce exam as the highest scorer in his trade.  As his host employer was unable to keep him on, the Berufsförderungswerk again stepped in and helped him look for another job.  He now works full time at a car repair shop.  His boss had hired him without thinking twice: ‘Everyone deserves a fair go.’

The action programme, ‘100 extra apprenticeships for teenagers and young adults with disabilities in North Rhine-Westphalia’ is jointly administerd by the state’s Ministry for Work and the Federal Employment Service’s NRW satellite office.
Funded by the State Government and the ESF, the programme assists on-the-job training schemes for disabled youngsters and has a proven track record of delivering inclusion.